How To Start An Astrology Business?

How To Start An Astrology Business?

Astrology is an age-old way of understanding human well-being and affairs using the positioning and movements of celestial bodies. It is believed and followed by many people all around the world.

In India, Astrology plays a vital role in the everyday life of the majority of people, especially Hindus. Events in an Indian’s life including marriage are determined using astrology. Astrologers are highly respected in Indian society. Their business has a market size of Rs. 3800 crores to Rs. 7500 crores approximately. Starting an astrology business is not an easy task and requires a lot of planning and investment.

There are several domains of astrology in which you can start a business. Those include

  1. Astrology consultant.
  2. Writing astrology related books and articles.
  3. Astrology bookseller
  4. Manufacturer of Astrology related motifs.
  5. Astrology motifs distributor.
  6. Astrology related activity facilitator.
  7. Astrology Teacher.

Depending on these domains, different operative, marketing, and investment-related decisions must be made.

In India, most of the astrology consultants, teachers, and other astrology-related businessmen belong to the “Brahmin” caste, however, it is not mandatory. To become an astrology consultant and teacher, you must attain the skill of astrology.

Traditionally, Gurus teach astrology but from 2001, several Indian universities have been providing astrology degrees. Even though some astrology-related businesses do not need extensive knowledge in astrology, it is always preferred to attain considerable knowledge in the field to stay ahead in the competition. Joining in any astrology institute or under any guru helps you to gain skill and practice astrology.

You can start the business by (we are not discussing manufacturing and distributing business, as it is similar to any other manufacturing businesses)

Setting up an office

  • Though the location of office matters if you are a writer or a bookseller but for a consultant or teacher or facilitator, the interior of the office matters more.
  • Fill your office with several astrology books that you have read along with pictures of your work with previous clients.
  • Market the office using attractive signboards.
  • If you have a high initial investment, hire a receptionist.

Name of Astrology Business, Online Presence, and other essentials.

  • Select a name that is either reciprocates divinity or positivity, do not use funky or modern names for your business.
  • For consultants, there are several astrology-related software that could be of use. However, you can find that these softwares may not align with your predictions and skill. Hence, you can try multiple software and get the one that aligns with your skill.
  • Any Business need tools that help you fill in the customer data, maintain inventory, create billing, create appointments, help with consultation, and provide an online presence. Astrosoftware is a tool that can assist you with astrology whereas tools like Toolny help you manage all the other parts of the business.
  • Creating a website along with pages in various social media is essential for any business in this internet era. Tools like WordPress, Zoho, Wix, and Toolny can assist you in this.

Marketing your Astrology Business

  • There are different marketing strategies for different domains of the astrology business. Traditionally, astrology is related to divinity hence any astrology business is usually next to a temple or any such divine location.
  • However, in the modern era, there are multiple astrology businesses that have occupied prime locations and are doing very well.
  • Though attractive signage boards and advertisements in newspapers attract many customers, online marketing can create a huge impact in your astrology business.
  • You can use several tools to build your brand and market online as well as offline. Tools like Toolny, Zoho social, etc helps you manage all your social media accounts and also guide in how to market online.
  • If you are more interested, you can also complete a course in digital marketing or approach a digital marketing firm to help you with marketing.
  • Apart from marketing offline and online, maintain a good relationship with existing customers. Word-of-mouth advertising is the strongest marketing tool and can only be achieved when the service is excellent.

Cost of your products or services in Astrology Business

  • If you are an astrology consultant or a teacher, cost varies largely with the standard of living of people around you. Since India has a dynamic standard of living, the cost would vary largely. Referring to an urban city, for an astrology consultant, the consultation fee should be around Rs.300.
  • Astrology Books and other motifs are in the niche of their own. The cost of these should be equivalent to industry standard pricing.
  • Since the astrology business is standardized in India, referring to existing prices of products and services and setting the price would be always preferable.

Business registration, taxation, and other business-related factors for Astrology Business

  • In India, you should pay taxes to the government if your income exceeds Rs.2.5 lakh per annum. Hence, if you expect your income to be greater than that, then you must register your business.
  • Registering the business is always important as it increases trust in your customer as well as legitimizes your products and services.
  • Get your business insured. It is very important as we all know how important insurance is in our day-to-day life.

In conclusion, you must learn about astrology initially and then decide which domain you want to enter. It is always better if you approach a person who has experience in the domain before starting it and learn about his experience in the business. Start small and develop eventually. Don’t hesitate to use modern tools like Toolny, Zoho, Astrobusiness, etc to reach larger customers and attain a higher rate of success.


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